4 dog training blogs that you must read


It is very important that you train your dog well. You can either take your dog to a professional trainer or read the online dog training blogs available to train the dog yourself. Here are some of the best blogs on dog training.

Puppy in Training


This blog is written by a dog trainer. The blog is a journal about training dogs. You will find lots of tips and product reviews to help you train your dog well.

ThatMutt.com: A Dog Blog


This blog focuses on understanding your dog. You will learn about dog training, dog exercise, dog behavior and dog adoption from this blog.

Stale Cheerios

Stale Cheerios

This is a fantastic blog written by Mary Hunter, who is studying the science of behavior and training. This blog blends techniques and science of and training together. Some of these techniques can be applied to humans as well!

Life With Dogs


This blog has lots of trainer interviews, posts on training practices and other articles on news, health and recalls. The articles are very informative and written by experts.

If you have a dog, then it’s very important that you read all these blogs. These blogs are very informative and you will learn a lot of things about dog training. Some of these blogs are so good that you won’t even need to send your dog for professional training. From these blogs you can learn how to tame your dog, teach them manners and make them sociable.

3 factors to consider when choosing dog care services


You might be thinking of taking your dog to a day care center. Day care is a good option as your dog can spend time with other dogs and you can also get a place to keep your dog when you are away. But, choosing the right day care is important. You should consider the following factors when choosing the right day care facility for your dog.


You must find out whether the day care facility is spacious enough for your dog to move around. You should look for a day care which has similar breed of dogs. You should check out the cleaning facilities and other things that are needed to take good care of your dog.


In many day care facilities, dogs often get killed. You should find out whether the day care facility has enough staffs for supervision. You should make sure that the facility has secured gates so that the dog cannot go out. The floors must be kept dry all the time so that the dog doesn’t skid. All electrical cables and other harmful objects must be kept away so that the dog doesn’t get hurt.

Number of dogs per class

The dogs to staff ratio must be low. There shouldn’t be more than 15 dogs in one class under on supervising staff. A class consisting of not more than 10 dogs is preferred.

The reason you are thinking of taking your dog to a day care service is to provide him a better environment and train him well. There may be many dog day care services available in your city. You should consider the factors just mentioned before choosing a day care facility for your dog.

3 reasons for organizing a dog birthday party


Whether your dog understands it or not, you can host a dog birthday party. He will definitely appreciate the effort you give on that day to make the day special for him.

While your dog may not understand what a birthday is, or why you want to celebrate it, he will appreciate all the love, affection, toys and treats that she gets on his special day. Here are some reasons why you should organize birthday parties for your dog.


As you will be inviting other dogs from the neighborhood as well, the dogs will learn to socialize. This will improve their behavior. They will learn new skills and ways of communicating.

Have fun

They will have loads of fun with the other dogs. With all the accessories like birthday caps, toys and treats, your dog will have a great time. Have lots of balls and frisbees so that your dog can play around with the others.

Love and affection

Arranging a birthday party is a way of showing your affection and love towards your dog. It’s important that your dog realizes how much you love him. Your dog will love all the attention he will be getting throughout the day.

dog bday

You should pick up a nice place for arranging dog birthday parties. The place must be spacious. Don’t forget the birthday cake. You can get it from a pet store or make it yourself by seeing the recipe online. These parties are not only fun for your dog, but for you as well. You will be inviting your neighbors and friends for the party along with their dogs; so, you will also have a great time socializing.